AI can process misinformation and change the world’s perception of you in seconds. Who can be held accountable and what can be done?

We have the potential solutions.

We have access to the best specialist expertise in the world to deal with the platforms, whether human or robots!

An innovative strategy and solution is required to deal effectively with the rapid development of artificial intelligence by Big Tech!

We are a “one stop shop” for dealing with online harm, harassment, disinformation and misuse of personal information.


The dramatic development of AI Chatbots such as ChatGPT and Bard have taken these challenges to a completely uncharted global level.
The legal process is already too slow, ineffective and cumbersome to deal surgically with misinformation and targeted fake postings. In the meantime, the Banks and other financial institutions can freeze an account or refuse access to their facilities solely on the basis of a negative report or references to criminal activity such as money laundering. No matter how much the victim of the fake posting protests, due to their own recent failings, most financial institutions impose a zero tolerance policy.
Of equal concern is the fact that U.S. Treasury and other authorities imposing sanctions, which are the new “passive warfare”, often base their decisions on negative media reports, which in turn have been instigated by political or commercial adversaries. In the background there are bots and fake accounts which can create doubt and exacerbate the dissemination of fabricated allegations.


An innovative strategy and solution is required to deal effectively with the rapid development of artificial intelligence by Big Tech!
Tweed, in his other capacity as a lawyer, has had the benefit and knowledge from many years of battling with the search engine and social media platforms, and is in an experienced position to determine the most effective means of dealing with serious online issues. In this regard, arrangements have been made with a number of unique, tried and tested operations, who in turn are consistently upgrading their own service to deal with the constantly changing international battleground.

Although there are a number of online sites offering reputational protection, take down, deoptimization and cybercleansing, the reality is that these services often provide one particular type of remedy or solution.
However, most challenges require a two or three pronged approach, utilising a range of experts, on results driven and cost effective terms.
We have access to a global network of contacts and connections for a multi-jurisdictional service, countering the global reach of not only the current search engine and social media platforms, but also the new breed of AI operations.
Current leaders in the AI field are ChatGPT, owned by OpenAI in which Microsoft have a 50% stake, and also the Google-owned Bard.

The fact that Microsoft and Google, along with other potential AI developers, have established European, Middle Eastern and African (EMEA) headquarters in Dublin, means that they are potentially subjecting themselves to Irish and European defamation, privacy and data protection laws.

03Global Reach

Probably the only common ground between President Biden and former President Trump is the fact that they both have called for the tighter regulation of social media companies. However, national laws and court judgments only have a limited impact on the international reach of Big Tech.
Accordingly, a specific and focussed approach is required to deal with each of these global threats, which, with the advances in artificial intelligence, are likely to be one of the most pressing and potentially devastating challenges of our time.

These escalating risks present a threat to not only Hollywood “A-listers” and well known entrepreneurs, but equally to blue chip corporations, HNW individuals and Family Offices.
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